Beloved Lily's: Custom - QR Code ID Tags, Pet Accessories & T-Shirts

Dog Collar Bows: Dog wearing a Beloved Lily's Dog Collar Bow and Smart QR Pet ID Tag.

Dog Collar Bows

Elevate your pup's style with our exquisite Dog Collar Bows. Designed to easily slip on and off any collar, these bows add a touch of elegance to every walk. Explore a range of colors and patterns to suit your furry friend's personality.

Cat Collar Bows Page Photo: Picture of a Cat wearing a Beloved Lily's Sunflower Cat Collar Bow and Smart QR Pet ID Tag

Cat Collar Bows

Indulge your feline companion with our elegant Cat Collar Bows. Specially crafted to fit any collar. Our bows bring a touch of sophistication to your cat's wardrobe. Choose from our curated collection of designs to match your beloved furry friend.

pet id tag: A customer gray cat wearing a Beloved Lily’s smart QR pet id tag.-Beloved Lily’s Pet Company
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Pet ID Tags

Ensure your pet's safety with our innovative Pet ID Tags featuring QR codes. Each tag links to a free pet profile, providing vital information in case your furry friend goes missing. Stylish and functional, our tags are a must have for responsible pet owners.


Beloved Lily's Digital Threads: Your Customizable T-Shirt Haven

Unleash your creativity with our personalized t-shirts at Beloved Lily's Digital Threads! Our customizable t-shirts offer a unique blend of style and technology, perfect for those who want to make a statement.


Customizable Unisex T-Shirts - Design Your Own

Welcome to our Customizable Unisex T-Shirts collection, where you can unleash your creativity and design a t-shirt that truly represents you. Choose from a variety of colors, upload your own images, customize text, and add unique features to make your t-shirt one of a kind.


Customizable Cotton Canvas Handbag - Design Your Own

Express your unique style with our Customizable Cotton Canvas Handbag. This versatile handbag, measuring 6.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches high, offers a perfect blend of practicality and personalization. Choose from our array of provided images, or add a unique QR code to make your handbag truly one of a kind.

All-White Ceramic Dog Bowl with ridged surface and heavy base. Side of Dog Bowl.

All-White Ceramic Dog Bowl with Modern Ridged Surface

Enhance your pet's dining experience with our All-White Ceramic Dog Bowl, featuring a sleek and modern design. This bowl combines style and functionality, ensuring both you and your pet will love it.

Front view of the "Ocean Waves" dog bandana, showcasing its blue water design with white lines throughout and Beloved Lily's QR code.

Ocean Waves Dog Bandana with QR Code

Dive into style with Beloved Lily's "Ocean Waves" Dog Bandana! This stunning accessory features a blue design throughout, resembling the tranquil waves of the ocean with white lines interspersed. The bandana also includes Beloved Lily's unique QR code, linking to a free pet profile on Google Documents

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